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Przemek Dutkiewicz

Leading business transformation and digitalisation

Przemek takes advantage of his international sales and operations expertise together with exposure to a number of industries and innovative…

Joanne Hoffman

Attorney & International Law

Joanne has 20+ years of experience in negotiating and memorialising international commercial transactions. Her main expertises include finance, licensing, merchandising,…

Phil Goldstone

Leading HR & Recruiting

Phil has a lifelong career in the international automotive industry. 20+ years have been spent in telematics. He has been offering…

Sven Kielgas

Leading Branding & MarCom

Since over three decades Sven is a highly reputed communications, marketing and branding strategist with strong high-tech B2B/B2C experience on…

Daniel Kasper

Leading Retail & FMCG Supply Chain

Daniel is a strategic account executive and creative leader. Focussing on operations, transport management and international business development. With a…

Adam Gründer

Leading Futurist & Venture Expert

Entrepreneur, professional with expertise in digital transformation, enterprise social media, mobile IT solutions. 15+ years of working experience in sales, consulting and market research. Holding senior…

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