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We are your Innovators.your Advisors.your Soundboard.MaxFlow Consulting.

Focusing on the Transport & Logistics Industry, we introduce IoT-based digital business processes to everyone. We help Startups to become commercially successful and we lift mature companies to the next level.

What we do best

Expanding Growth

Expanding Growth

Creating flexible go-to-market strategies including innovative value-based pricing models. Transforming your sales & marketing teams for success.

Connecting Businesses

Connecting Businesses

Let us help you finding the right partners for your business. Who are the innovators? What drives the industry? How would your company benefit from breaking the silos and connecting to neighbouring ecosystems?

Shaping Products

Shaping Products

Helping you creating smart products & digital services that add value to your customers by connecting your business processes to innovative IoT solutions.

Working with us?

We are an international group of experts focusing on digital solutions for the transport and logistics industry. Our expertise includes many successful projects from global enterprises to entrepreneurial Start-ups. Get inspired by us for your digital strategy.

How digital are you?

“Change before you have to.”
– Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Change never comes easy. People hate changes, but in a dynamic world, it becomes increasingly necessary. The digital revolution forces companies to revisit their comfortable business processes. Becoming agile is key for future success.

Challenges that triggered our customers to start their digital journey.

Great ideas, but our people resist to change.Linking our processes to gain transparency.How to enhance our added value to customers.Learning how to navigate the dynamics.We are married to our legacy business model.

How digital are you? Are you ready for the change?

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